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The Web Design Process

Every client has different needs and wants. We will meet and discuss your specific requirements, create a list of content, and then organize your content into pages and sections.

Development time can be a month or more depending on how quickly we are able to get approval on each page.

Your cost will vary depending on the number of pages, photos, forms, special programming requirements and layout/design. We bill for our time and expertise.

We generally request a deposit of half of the quote when we get started with the balance due upon completion.

We have seen prices range from $600 to $2500. Just let us know your budget and your needs and we will discuss how we can deliver a professional website at a reasonable price.

Let us continue to work with you after the web site is up! We can update your website for you as required to ensure your site remains current.

Web Design

Identify Needs

-What content should be included
-Break that down into pages
-Gather images and logos
-Create a mock layout

Create Ideas

-Do you have brochures?
-Do you need forms?
-Are there external links?
-What colors and fonts?

Implement Design

-Build up the demo
-Review look and feel
-Ensure Navigation works and is easy
-Insert photographs and copy

Publish Website

-Register a domain
-Publish web site to server
-Test and Audit website
-Start linking with Search Engines

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